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Water based paint

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Water based paint

The most common type of water based paint is emulsion. There are two finishes - matt or silk and an endless range of colours. It comes as a traditional liquid, solid (bought in a tray) or as a non-drip jelly.

If walls or ceilings are to be covered, then 2 or 3 coats of the same paint is sufficient. If the paint is to be applied in a particularly busy area, it is worth remembering that satin finish is less likely to show finger marks or scuffing. There are many non-drip paints available, which are particularly sensible to use when painting ceilings. Some cover in just one coat finishes.

Emulsion can be applied with a brush, but for larger areas, use a tray and roller to apply the paint. Emulsions bought in a tray is applied with a roller with no drip and minimal splattering of paint.

If the surface is particularly rough, then a textured emulsion, containing fine aggregate can give an attractive finish, covering many imperfections.

If emulsion paint becomes too thick it can be thinned by mixing in a little water.

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