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Selecting the correct paint

Selecting the correct paint

In order to provide a protective surface, more than one coat is required. Successive layers applied build up to a good coloured surface finish. The number of coats of paint depends on the type of paint being applied and the colour and condition of the surface to be covered. The surface material to be covered is related to the choice of paint used. For example when painting wooden doors or windows use primer, undercoat and top coat.

There are two main categories of paint on the market: oil based and water based paint. They come in different finishes, giving a gloss or matt finish.

Gloss paint gives a shiny finish whereas matt gives a dull finish. Apart from their finish, gloss paint is known for its strength but matt paint covers the surface colour best and doesn’t highlight faults in the surface as much as gloss paint.

It is wise to use a paint kettle instead of the tin of paint. A kettle is a smaller, more convenient vessel with a handle used for paint. Tie a length of string across the kettle to wipe too much paint from the brush. The paint kettle is a more convenient size to carry around. Also should the paint become splattered with grit or mortar, all the paint will not have been contaminated apart from that small amount.

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