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Oil based paint

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Oil based paint

Solvent based paint, often known as oil based paint is made from a mixture of resins and oils.

Covering woodwork or metalwork requires the use of different paint types used in conjunction with each other. The surface is prepared, suitably primed and sealed before one or two undercoats and the top coat are applied. The undercoat is a cheaper paint which covers any underlying colour and fills small surface faults.

If the surface is uneven, it is better to apply a satin finish top coat rather than a high gloss finish, which could highlight any irregularities further. Gloss paint requires one or two coats of undercoat.

Satin finish has a much finer texture and forms its own undercoat. In either case, the top coat dries to a hard, durable finish.

If the paint becomes too thick it can be thinned using white spirit, unless the manufacturer recommends a special thinner to give a particular finish.

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