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Guide to DIY Safety

The most dangerous piece of DIY equipment?


For every accident involving a drill, there are ten from small and supposedly ‘harmless’ bits of metal.


Whether you are an experienced enthusiast or a reluctant part-timer, taking a few minutes to plan what is to be done could mean the difference between tackling a job safely and successfully or courting disaster.

Every year 70 people are killed carrying out do-it-yourself work and 250,000 are injured - many seriously. That is why we have produced this guide containing safety advice on a wide range of topics from the correct positioning of ladders to protection from electric shocks, and do’s and don’ts when hiring power tools and equipment. In case the worst does happen, there is also first aid advice.

Most of these accidents need never happen and are simply due to either carelessness or lack of knowledge.

Ten minutes reading these pages now could save you from having a nasty accident,so please read it and help keep yourself and your family safe.


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