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7. Gardening without tears

Practical Matters

Around half a million people are injured and 50 killed in their gardens each year. Heads, hands and feet are most at risk. Give a thought for safety when tending your pride and joy.

Having Fun

Barbecues and bonfires are fun when they are safely set up and handled. Position them away from obvious dangers such as fences, sheds and low trees. Never leave them unattended and ensure bonfires are completely out before you leave them. Do not use paraffin or petrol - special firelighters or starter fluids are safe but still require to be treated with respect, as with any inflammable material and stored safely. Do not wear loose clothing. Keep children away!

Never use them indoors to avoid a possible build up of carbon monoxide gas.

Tougher Tasks

For some, gardening is attention to detail, planning variety and colour. For others, it is the physically demanding jobs which bring satisfaction. They can also bring their own dangers…

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