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3. Putting up ladders

Short ladders

Short ladders can be raised by one person. Whenever you are carrying a ladder, keep the front end above head height. Turn carefully - it is not just in slapstick comedies that people get hit by swinging ladder ends!

  1. Place the base against a solid surface.
  1. Lift the top of the ladder and ‘walk down’ it, rung by rung and hand by hand, moving in towards the base until the ladder is upright.
  1. Rest the top of the ladder against the wall or other firm surface, then lift or slide the base out to its final position.

Long ladders

Long ladders need two or more people to raise.

  1. Lay the ladder on the ground with the base at the spot where it is to stand.
  1. Heaviest person: stand at the base and put a foot on the bottom rung.
  1. Remaining person/s start to raise the ladder while heavy partner reaches forward from the base and grasps the stiles (take care not to pull or strain while a back is arched, as this can cause serious injury).
  1. Once the ladder is upright, ease the top to rest against the wall or other firm surface.

Remember the rule ‘ONE OUT FOR FOUR UP’ (See Using ladders)

Extension ladders - push-up type

Extension ladders, Push-up type need two or more people for longer lengths.

A short extension (under 2 metres, or 6 ft) can be done after the ladder has been raised as for a short ladder, described above.

For a long extension of over 2 metres:

  1. Lay the ladder on the ground on the position to be used, then extend it to the required length.
  2. Raise the ladder as for a long ladder, described above.

If an extension ladder is extended, always do so before climbing it.

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