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5. Storing Ladders Safely

Safe Keeping

Always store ladders in a covered, ventilated area, protected from the weather and away from too much dampness or heat.

Ladders can fall if stored vertically, so take particular care. If possible, secure the top (with a bracket, for instance).

Never hang a ladder vertically from a rung.

Don’t store a ladder in any place where a child might be tempted to climb it.

For storing horizontally, a rack or wall brackets are ideal.Keep wooden ladders clear of the ground to avoid contact with damp.

Hang aluminium ladders horizontally FROM a stile or rest ON stiles.
Wooden ladders must be raised off ground for storage.

Be Secure

For security reasons as well as good maintenance, don’t store a ladder on view outdoors where it could be stolen or used in a break-in.

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