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This is a page where I am collecting data relating to the changes as imposed by the 17th edition regulations.

I will over time intergrate it into the wiki pages, and tidy this page up too :)

Hager Guide to 17th edition changes (looks mainly at impacts on consumer units)
http://www.ce2.co.uk/Downloads/21 ConsumerUnitGuideToThe17thEdition.pdf

Link to 17th ed. overview of changes -

July 2008 Corrigendum

Link to 17th ed. corrigendum pdf file

Here are some of the labels I have made up to update the regs book, feel free to print them out and use them:


I added 702.414 even though it hasn’t changed so it can be moved onto the previous page to allow 702.415 to be inserted in the correct place.

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