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====== Welcome to my hall of shame. ======

These are photos of unsafe or badly installed wiring which I come across in the course of my work on an almost daily basis.

Some of it is installed by DIYers, and some of it by so called professionals.

== GU10 downlighter ==
This is a GU10 downlighter.
It is connected to phase and earth only, yet it is on and working.
The neutral can be seen not connected just to the left of the DL.

== Undersized Tails ==
The CU just visible in the top of the picture is fed from the incommer by a 4.0mm² twin rubber cable.
The only OCPD for this cable is the cutout fuse, which was a BS88 100A fuse

== Metal Clad FCU ==
This MEM FCU has had it’s fuse holder retaining screw snapped off, and as these FCUs have a spring loaded fuse carrier it has been wedged in place with a matchstick.

== Fluorescent Fitting in Singles ==
This Fluorescent fitting was wall mounted in a factory. It is supplied by 2no. 1.0mm² single red cables.
It has no connection to a CPC. The corrosion is due to a leaking roof above.

== Burnt Transformer ==
A 60VA LV lighting transformer which has been sat directly on the lamp it was supplying

== Failed CU Neutral Bar ==
This is a proteus CU supplying a portakabin. It had a relatively light load on it.

== Floor Mounted Fan ==
Down stairs loo, installed under the stairs. No external wall, so fan installed in the floor!

== CU SWA joint ==
Found this under a floor. A DI had replaced the CU but left the old board casing under the floor to terminate the SWA garage supply into. The armouring was left unearthed.

== Big Commercial Mess ==
In a cupboard in a nightclub in Leeds. Also feeds 4 offices and a shop above.

== DNO cable repair ==
DNO cable accidentally got severed during some building work. Tho DNO attended and repaired it.
It does not feed anything in this building. It feeds the shop above.

== Lots of Sockets ==
This is one of my own doing. It is under my desk feeding my computer etc

== Kitchen fitter Cooker ==
This is a 6.0mm² feeding a 30A joint box. From here is fed a 7.5kW electric hob, 2.5kW electric oven and a socket above for the cooker hood. No fusing down, and no isolator.

== DNO cutout ==
This cutout feeds the house it is in on the top set of tails, and next door on the bottom VIR tails in unearthed steel conduit.

== Burnt Cable ==
This 1.0mm² t&e cable was found sat directly on the back of a GU10 lamp.

== Fusebox Fire ==
This is a proteus fusebox (Its a wylex copy)
The circuit fed a 9.5kW shower on a 6.0mm² t&e cable. The fuse was a 45A rewireable. These boards are designed for a maximum of 30A per outgoing way.

== Hidden Joint Boxes ==
A couple of nasty joint boxes found hidden under floors.

== Bath Socket ==
A socket rather close to a bath
(The bath was just being stored there on a new build project, but made for a good photo)

== TP dist board ==
This is a TP dist board in a commercial garage. The red bits are some plastic hose linking 3no. SP MCBs asif they were TP breakers.
There is also a circuit supplied in 0.75mm² SY flex. It is fed from 32A MCBs

== Cross B />Some less than satisfactory supplementary bonding in a church

== Switchroom ==
A messy switchroom wall

== DIY PME ==
This supply appears to have been converted to PME by non DNO staff, when PME may well not be available

== Downlighter ==
This is a GU10 downlighter notched out of a ceiling joist. Fire waiting to happen.

== Clock Point ==
This is a clock point fed directly from a socket circuit. It is wired in speaker wire, and there is no earth.

== Bad Joint ==
I fount this joint on the earth wire of a submains cable

== Cable Shears ==
This was done by a former coleage of mine. He was working live and got it so very wrong.

== Joint box ==
Another bad joint box

== Wylex CU ==
A fuse has been reinserted onto a fault

== Fuse Box ==

Found this flush mounted fuse box in the back of a kitchen corner cupboard. Not very helpful.

== Loose C />A loose connection in a commercial light fitting.

== Ring Fault ==
There had been a short on the ring, so the affected live had been disconnected at eiter end. (The socket and JB both supply a spur)

== Shower Downlighter ==
Found this 240V light in a shower cubicle. It is fed in 1.0mm² cable, direct from the 6.0mm² shower circuit

== Switch C />Earth terminal used as a live connection

== Wall Light C />

== Busbar Chamber ==
What IP rating is that then?

== Boiler Spur ==
Found this under a floor

== Missing OCPD ==
Submains supply fed direct from the incommer with an RCD ONLY. No OCPD protecting the supply cable

== My Car!==
Not electrical I know, but this is my car after I attempted to park it in a wall one icy February night….


Loads more to follow when I get a bit more time….....

Please contact me (RF Lighting) before modifying this Wiki entry, or if you wish to use any of the photos.


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