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 Another popular topic is whether Diyers can undertake gas work legally.

 Diy gas work has not been declared illegal by the powers that be. However, the law does require that only trained competent people may work on gas appliances.

The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 states that:
     3. - (1) No person shall carry out any work in relation to a gas fitting or gas storage vessel unless he is competent to do so.

The Health and Safety Executive states:
     Diy GAS IS strongly discouraged in HSE guidance and the use of a Gas Safe Register registered gas installer is advised for all gas work!

As the current law stands, if you are able to prove competence, then you are allowed legally to diy gas in your own home.

This, however, does not apply to doing gas work for friends and family who are considered as employing you whether for gain or not!  If you do gas work for someone else you must be Gas Safe Register registered.


Competence will depend on a combination of training and experience.
This is only proven by passing ACS assessment which is the only accreditation recognized by H.SE and Gas Safe Register.  If you haven’t been trained, you will not be competent and therefore working illegally!

Competence is not defined but it is tested by an Accredited Certification Scheme and if you would not pass the assessment you are not competent.  These requirements apply to both DIY workers and to those who need to be Gas Safe Register Registered.

Also, anyone doing any gas work has to by law (GSIUR 26.9) carry out particular safety tests. Without training or proper equipment, you will not be able to do these tests.
Please note if you ignore this advice

 1) If you are found to be working illegally i.e. not gas competent you are breaking the law and the Health and Safety Executive are active in seeking prosecutions against such offenders. Example HERE

 2) You are putting yourself and family at risk of CO poisoning. Read THIS

 3) Your insurance company is likely to reject any claims being caused by DIY gas work.

 4) You may be putting future occupiers of your house at risk.


This site does not support DIY gas, and its advice is HERE

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