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Hi Firstly yes I am a DIY novice.
Trying to fit front roof bar on a 12 year old ford fiesta. Its a bit of a job.. have to excavate the holes and remove plastic plugs before you can bolt into them. But back bar all went fine.
Front plugs didn't want to come out and just bored out really soft plastic heads.
Soooooooo I screwed in some screws and then glued in said screws, to the plugs. One of them screwed out fine. With the other, the head sheered off.

Have tried to drill with my standard cobalt bits as have a bodyshop, no luck.
Also they tried to tap it through - again no movement.

IS it possible to drill through this screw? it turns out it is carbon steel :( I'm happy to invest in the specialist drillbits and cutting oil because the alternative is very invasive 3 figures job at the bodyshop involving a lot more collateral damage, welding, resealing etc.
Does anybody have any experience of drilling through a carbon steel screw like this?

BTW yes I know this is a ridiculous sequence of events I have overseen


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