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I have an old Wickes upvc conservatory and I need to adjust the French doors as there is a gap between them when they are closed. Any Idea how to remove the hinge cover caps so I can make the adjustment? Also how to load a photo for you to see?
just to confirm, the boiler control panel is stuck on 10 " so neither water or heating.
would you still say pump ?
thanks in advance.
Without seeing it, it could be out, I can’t see or hear where in the sequence the start up is
hi, hoping you can help.
my heatline caprizi 28
has no heating. the control panel mode is on radiator symbol and its temp display is locked at 10
it seems to be trying to work as i hear the pipes gurgle.
i,ve just come out of hospital and would love any assistance... if you can.
many thanks in advance.
faulty pump, no pressure.Something like that
Ideal Icos HE12 Boiler - PCB advice

Our Ideal Icos HE12 Boiler PCB (black in colour Part Ref: 174 486) had gone faulty and need replacement.
All I found on website is PCB of Orange colour.
Is it compatible? Please advice.
Thank you in advance.