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16 Jan 2021 at 2:38 PM
3 Sep 2006
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West Mids
Building Surveyor

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from West Mids

I don't check my email or profile or get notified. If you email me, please PM me on here to tell me to check my emails. Thanks. 15 Dec 2019

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Viewing forum list, 16 Jan 2021 at 2:38 PM
    1. Xanderevitts
      Hi Woody - I’ve dropped you a message on email. Cheers in advance!
    2. vampyr
      Hi Woody. I’ve sent you a message.
    3. sam13
      Can i create 9m opening in the rear external wall of the property. The wall thickness is 215mm solid brick. Which option do you suggest, goal post frame or picture frame ?
    4. ^woody^
      I don't check my email or profile or get notified. If you email me, please PM me on here to tell me to check my emails. Thanks.
    5. PleaseDontLeak
    6. Miri
      Got consent for double height and adjacent kitchen extension in 2011. Completed groundworks for kitchen prior to expiry but haven't yet started the double height extension. Husband wants to apply for an increase of extension at ground and upstairs level by 2.5 sq metres. We have a hostile planning officer - am worried. Would this small increase need planning app or could it be treated as a variant?
    7. Dinkey
      Thank you for your grounded advice
      1. ^woody^
        Thanks. I know it can be worrying, but I hope it all works out ok.
        11 Jan 2017
        Dinkey likes this.
    8. Beakes
      Hi Woody, I need some advice regarding flat roof insulation ( no ventilation possible) 60m2

      Can I email you?
    9. xelaris
      **** off ****
    10. Paul Holden
      Paul Holden
      Hi Woody, on 3rd Sept 2006 "Chimney on terraced house" you posted a picture to show which party owns which bit of the roof. My friend received an order and told to replace flashing between his neighbours roof and his chimney which forms the party wall. Can you advise of where to get a copy of the picture/ documentation that proves ownership of the flashing. The council are not accepting our argument.
    11. BLT2016
    12. M Christie
      M Christie
      "woody", can you help me? i need a method statement which relates to the stripping of a traditional slate roof & associated lead, battens, membrane & sarking boards & replace with new OSB, membrane, battens & tiles including associated lead work. Its for a college course Im doing but Im struggling to find decent examples of a roofing method statement anywhere. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated
    13. monsterink
    14. gnigdave
    15. HERTS P&D
      HERTS P&D
      Hi Woody,

      I have put in plans for an extension and new fence to be put up at my home, I have just checked the council website and its says ''application status - Invalid.' What does it means?

      I have just emailed my architect and he has come back saying that he will find out tomorrow.

      But I want to know now, very worried and annoyed with my architect as he seems inept.

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