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  1. Kev1985
    Hi everyone, Bought a house recently and my wife and I have had a constant headache since moving. Our stuff is very cold and we have had the heating on most of the summer. There is a musky...
  2. Al@n
    @ianmcd sorry for any confusion, thanks for confirming, I'll start to link the pipes together :)
  3. ianmcd
    Yes the two reds will have to connect to the two greens as per your drawing
  4. sparkwright
    Why allow tenants to keep pets, rabbits of all things, in the house? It doesn't sit well have those damaged flexes about, and the fact you know about it could maybe, in some misguided way, make...
  5. Tirglas_7
    hi foxhole, i understand i need to cut it down. Can't figure how the distance between the rebates for a 686 door though, dow i just add 43mm on to 686mm? or is there another method? many thanks

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