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  • Thanks for the offer, Big-all. As far as I can tell, it is very slightly less than 43mm.
    That's very kind of you to offer. If you do have one, I'd be very happy to pay you for it, or at the very least the postage. Please let me know and I'll send you my postal address.
    Hi Big All
    Can you help me out with a table saw fault please. Pls PM me
    hey saw your post about your dads garage set up I want to put a silverline 150W inverter in my camper but it only has a cigerete lighter plug do you think it would be possible to take this off and wire it into the battery from croc clips for example (did you do this)
    Hi, just read one of your posts about loft/ceiling joists needing to be 8 or 9x2 for building regs, what do you think to the idea of adding another length of 4x2 on top of the existing josts to bring it up to the 8x2 spec and planing to an angle the end that meets the roof? Cheers
    The PEP18T has written on it n01= 0-500min-1
    n02= 0-1600min-1
    will that help? Can you work it out for me now please? Im considering an impact driver and need it for high torque driving in screws all around the house. This is beacuse I recently used the PEP18T outside driving in and out screws about 7" and the drill damaged the screws and wouldnt budge. Could you advise me an impact driver but at a budget. I was thinking of the Bosch GDR 10.8v impact driver. Is it any good or not suitable.
    hi big all

    thanks for the replies, have just re-replied! if you are online now, is there any chance i could pick your vast brain realtime? (or in future)

    Just want to say thanks for your lead to Linkland re window catches.They had what was required and are now fitted in me old Mar's windows. =]
    If you edit the explanation and change "accsess" and "acsess" to "axis" it might be a little clearer.... ;)
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