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  • Hi SS. Have you noticed that our favourite pedant has been missing in action since Tuesday? Nice and quiet.
    I might dare to type transformer at the next opportunity !!
    Wanted to ask about the roof you were talking about some years ago. In ours the roospace opens out into a small pitched roof, and the opposite side has a soffit vent running the length (6m) of the soffit and this part of the roof overhangs about 2m to form a shelter over an outside space. Shouldn't the section above the room have been blocked to avoid cold air flowing underneath the new insulation?
    I believe so. One side of flat roof joins main building and loft vents into space below the deck: cold air meeting warm, which will cause condensation.

    I think pitched roof should be separated by insulation with tile vents fitted to allow airflow.
    Spoke to roofer who thinks doing this could cause condensation. He says flat roof should come under eaves of the pitched roof, but I can't see how this would be possible
    Mark the Harp
    Thank you – yes we have just poked a camera up there. Roof space is pretty well insulated up to about an inch under the underside of the old deck, but clearly there is room for airflow between that and the insulation which is now on top of the deck. So it is in effect still a cold roof as cold air can still flow underneath the new insulated deck.
    Hi i saw a posting that you had installation manuals for accenta 6 alarm could you please email me a copy ? I have been searching ages for one.
    Would you send me that link again for the tyers.
    It stemmed to have disapeared

    Thank you
    Hi Simon, you replied to my question about taking a feed from a supply to a bathroom fan. Could you give me a bit more advice on that please?
    Hi Simon

    Bit saddened to hear LabCraft did not reply. I guess the ethics of the founders has been lost when they retired.


    Hi Bernard
    I'm sure! The boiler was off.

    BTW, Labcraft never got back to me despite repeated attempts.


    Not putting this on forum as I do not want to upset that Yale expert.

    Are you sure the boiler has not been running even though the rooms are already hot from the sun ? I have a reason for asking.

    A friend ( retired Home Office radio engineer ) was asked to look at a faulty home automation system. Poor temperature control was one of several problems. He found there was a lot of blocking of signals from a nearby farm security system gate alarms. ( 433.92 MHz and over 200 yard range ). The only fix was a hard wired over ride system to force the boiler to OFF if the wireless system lost control of the boiler. He has suggested to the manufacturers that the boiler should shut down if it has not received an ON command for 5 minutes and the controlling thermostat / timer should send an ON command to keep the boiler running when needed. The reply was the transmissions would shorten battery life. He wants other examples to add to his data to further the matter.

    Previously has has found baby monitors have compromised other licence exempt equipment in domestic situations.

    Best regards



    Have a look at LabCraft lighting

    I worked for them when they were a small 5 staff family company in the 1960's and they seem to have retained the same ethic of quality and value that was there in the beginning.

    They started out making test equipment for aerial installers. One of the staff came up with the idea of 12 volt flourescent lights for vehicles and that soon became the main product.


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