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  • Hi mate its paul with the tiles. il get a p&p price for you, the tiles were reduced even further to 50p per tile and i know you need 20
    my bell box only has a strobe - input but i have a + & - strobe wire, have tried just putting in the strobe - wire but the stobe is on constant, any idea how i can fix this problem. bell box is a reson8 by honeywell


    I've managed to find a copy of the manual on the web. Turns out I was wrong again its the premier model I have. I've wired it all up today and all I get is tamper for the zones and it will not arm. I've wired each sensor to its own zone as its only for an out building, and then run the tamper circuit in series. Don't suppose you have any ideas? I haven't used any resistors in the PIR's or door contacts.

    I've just read in a post you have Texecom installation manuals. Any chance you could send me one for the Oddysey 1E?

    You might get away with a small radio, if it's one of those headphone FM ones that use button sized cells, if you can get your food cells to crank out about 3V. (Can often get these from the pound shop.) I'd stick to things that use 3V or less. I think Maplin do some 3V piezo buzzers or you could also try LEDs. Not sure what the actual current available from a lemon or can of coke is though! :) Good luck and I'd love to hear the outcome!
    Idea/foods to try for the science assignment:

    Which food gives the highest voltage? (Examples to try: Coke (contains phosphoric acid), citrus fruits, soda water (Carbonic Acid) Haribo Tangfastics (citric acid) Vitamin C tablets (Ascorbic Acid) Sour Milk (Lactic Acid) )

    Which combination of metals works best?
    (In chemistry terms, metals that are far apart in the reactivity series will give better potential differences so, gold and zinc electrodes could give better voltages than zinc/copper as gold is far less reactive than copper)
    Could try magnesium (pencil sharpeners) and copper, aluminium (more reactive than zinc),iron, gold (only if you're rich! :) )

    Which lasts longest?
    Use different foods, measure voltage each day of the week/each hour etc...

    Ultimately, guide towards which is best - consider other factors like how easy to carry around, some foods may rot (e.g. spuds) as part of decision as to which food makes the best battery.

    As for measuring acidity (i.e. pH), look out for Universal Indicator - often part of garden soil testing kits (or one of the pH meters that comes with it). Litmus will only tell you if something is acidic or alkaline, universal indicator will tell you HOW acidic something is - e.g. strong acid = red, weak acid = orange.

    Hi there. I've got an Accenta Challenger Mini 8 in a house which I'm renting out. The last tenants have changed the code and have now 'conveniently' forgot what it is. They also took the user manual with them when they moved out so I am unable to set the alarm or reset the code. Do you by any chance have some instructions on how to reset the code to 'factory' default. I've tried switching the power off and disconnecting the battery but that didn't work. If you can mail me any helpful tips or advice to the following e-mail address I shall be most greatful. Many thanks. mailto: [email protected]
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