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  • Hi. I'm sorry for disturbance,can you please tell me, is air in the boiler Ideal C80FF can break the ignition? I drained the water, added one radiator to the system, and the boiler does not light up, the pump turns, but there is no fire.
    Help! Need Vaillant VCW Sine 18 T3WF H Manual

    Kev it apears you have helped with this for others in the past
    Perchance you still have the info?

    thanking you in advance

    Hi there, do you still have a PDF manual for the Saunier Duval sd623? You would be an absolute life saver if you could get me a copy. Please let me know. Thanks!
    I have a single light and switch at one end of my garage. I want to add another in line light and switch at the other end of the garage. I want to be able to switch both lights on and off from either end of the garage. How do I do this?
    After searching the forums I found you replied to thread asking for a SIME 80C Format combi boiler manual. You don't happen to have an electronic copy you could send me do you or point me in the direction of locating one? Thanks in advance.

    [email protected]
    Hi Kev, I'd really appreciate a copy of the manual for the sd632 please, I see from old posts that you have it. My boiler has lost pressure and I'm not sure how to restore. Thank you so much in advance :)
    Dear Kevplumb
    Please have a look at my posting and any comments would be appreciated, I need advice from someone with experience of this older combi model
    Vaillant Compactcombi 242 eh - No heating
    Hi have a problem with airlock or blockage in rad circulation - no heating (luke warm upstairs cold downstairs) happened after taking rads off - causing boiler to cut out on heating - have bleed rads, have taken off all downstairs rads - one has been replaced - worked for a few minutes then stopped again - any suggestions - its so cold here!!! Boiler 1 month old Betacom 30 condensing combi
    hi my name is robie sorry to write here didn'tm know where else to, i have a worcester 9.24 47.311.02 my hotwater just trickles out heating working fine an ideas. Thanks
    Kevin...saw your photo which was monkey came was indeed a sticky pin thing..hit it with hammer and worked! so thanks so much for that Px
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