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forming doorways

This album is about a job I'm doing at the moment, The customers have bought an house that had a butchers shop attached to the front of the property they have changed the windows and want a few doorways knocked thru. Well the first one was quite easy as it it was a doorway knocked thru so they could use the old butchers fridge by turning the doorway around from front to back and closing off the original one.Only problem I found when I knocked it thru was ,there was already a lintol in that area, great I thought but on closer inspection I found 2 hair-line cracks in the lintol, so I decided to put a new one underneath it for safeties sake..Well the next opening was not as easy as the wall was 20" thick and there were already 2 old lintols in place below 2 higher ones. The lower ones had to come out and 3 (6"ones) new ones had to go in just below the old ones that I left in.So I had support both lintols with "strong boys" while I dug around them to get my new ones in..And you can see by the pics what fun I had, I have not finished the job yet but thought I would get some pics on now,,,,See what you think...Any comments welcome...

roy c, 18 Nov 2009
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