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I'm hoping someone can help and advise what to do. My home was built around 1963. There was a small bathroom with a bath and basin. The toilet was in a separate room. Fast forward to 2016 - I had the wall between the loo and the bath/basin knocked down and a bath waste is now plumbed into where the original toilet was. My shower probably has it's waste connected to the same waste used by the previous small bath and my basin probably plumbed into the original basin. The smell of drains/sewer is at times overwhelming - I've solved the bath issue by keeping the plug in all the time and a spare plug is on the overflow. The shower drain now has a largish silicone flexible cover. But I've recently had a plumber in to resolve the terrible smells coming from the basin drain - and he has 'cured' it by fitting a P trap (I thought he was going to put an S bend in) When he started work he said there was a P trap already fitted but it had failed. That cost me £140 cash. The day after he finished work, the smell was again very strong - so I called him and said whatever he did, hadn't worked. He got pretty aggressive but is returning sometime this week to sort it out. He also said there wasn't space for an S bend. Can anyone advise please - I feel I'm being conned.

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