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Video valliant boiler help

      Hi everyone. Please listen to attached video. We moved into this house two weeks ago. It has a smart meter that was prepay with a now bust company called nabuh. It had no gas and no way to add any. I arranged a switch to sse and today it went live, two weeks of no hot water :eek: it's a valliant boiler.
      They told me to switch the boiler off and on again. When I switched it back on this noise started and brown water started leaking. The pressure jumped to 3.8bar and above the red. I switched it all off and the noise stopped. I switched it all off at the mains and gas off outside as the bar pressure would not drop. Rang my landlord emergency line and they were supposed to call me back 4 hours ago. Water is pouring outside from an overflow style pipe above the gas box. Brown sludge at first and now just brown water. Even though I've switched off the boiler everywhere including the switch box, it is still making a quieter noise which is worrying me as it has no power going to it. :censored::cautious:
      Help? Any ideas.
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