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    Block Paving Jointer advice

    Had block paving for 20 years - the sealants do help but treat mine twice a year with Weedol. Also be careful if you jet wash as that will wash the sand out even if sealed.
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    Regularisation vs building notice

    Looking to get a new roof and some wall insulation work in a new inner stud wall on a former garage which never had BC sign off for the conversion. Any opinion on whether regularisation and then then a new application for the work is the way to go, or should I just put the building notice in...
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    Load bearing stud wall for garage roof

    Looking to raise height of garage built on side of house as part of conversion to office. Been given various options but my builder has suggested building an insulated stud wall adjacent to the single outer skin wall and putting new joists on this to hold weight of new roof. There will no...
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    Flat roof

    Have a new builder looking at this and he has suggested new load bearing inner skin stud wall plonked on the existing concrete slab, and then build up outside with new brickwork - this would allow the insulation and plasterboard I need but I dont know if the concrete slabe would take the weight...
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    Flat roof

    @Notch7 Wasn't really explaining myself well - the current roof is fastened to the exterior of the house which is where the wall plate would go - the current rafters go across and just sit on top of the wall. The suggested solution to raising the roof at that side was to put six inches of...
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    Flat roof

    Wow, that is impressive, my work is for a whole new roof as deck is showing signs of water damage so wouldn't need any jacks.
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    Flat roof

    Yes - I had a builder out who suggested a wooden beam on top of the three garage walls to lift it the six inches, he was going to strap it to the piers and fix the joists to that. Easiest option would be to just put a warm roof on to existing structure but was hoping to increase internal height...
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    Flat roof

    Looking for some information. Currently have a garage converted into an office but it wasn't done well. Time has come to replace the flat roof properly, I want to put an insulated warm roof on instead of the felt shed roof it currently has. Garage is attached to the house and is single skin...