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    Treatment for wooden worktop in Pottery Studio

    Hi, I am making a softwood worktop in my wife's pottery studio. Can anyone help me with what treatment I should put on the worktop surface once it's built. It will have to withstand clay, slip, glaze, etc. Any advise appreciated. Andy
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    Treatment for cut end of pressure treated decking

    Hi, I brushed a Cuprinol wood preserver on all cut ends. It was recommended by the timber yard I got my wood from. It comes in 'clear' (which I used) and a couple of colours. Only time will tell if it's any good, but it looks fine! Andy
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    How to support deckframe on a hardcore/ballast base ??

    Hi, I finished my decking over a concrete patio (see earlier post) last Dec. Used approx. 60 cheap bricks (10 p each) to support the 100 x 50 frame off the concrete patio. This has worked very well. Had to lift some decking boards the other day to concrete in a 'water trap' left by the...
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    decking "quote 224 posts" is that too much?

    Hi, I just finished a decking 8.5 x 3.8 m. Materials cost just under £ 1000 from local timber yard (4x2 treated C16 joists and 32 mm redwood boards). I did it with my son-in-law in 10 mandays. It was our first decking and was built around a spa, so quite fiddley in places, so a professional...
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    Wood decking over existing concrete slab patio

    Hi Thermo, If I understand you correctly, I could use either 4x2 or 6x2 joists straight onto the concrete patio slabs, without any supports. And I could choose either 4" or 6" joists, depending on what I want the final deck height to be. Please confirm. Is a spacing of 18" between each...
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    Wood decking over existing concrete slab patio

    Hi Thermo, Thanks for your interest. One deck is 8.5 m x 3.8 m and the other is 5.0 m x 3.8 m. They sit either side of a conservatory. Andy
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    Wood decking over existing concrete slab patio

    Still OK re planning regs. Ta. Andy
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    Wood decking over existing concrete slab patio

    Hi Richard, Thanks for the 'heads-up'. Fortunately the decking will be < 30 cm high and will be much less than < 50% of my garden area. So we don't break either of the planning reg. rules. Cheers, Andy
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    Wood decking over existing concrete slab patio

    Hi Stephen, Many thanks for your good suggestion. However, I see a couple of problems implementing it: 1. I have a large area to deck (700 sq. ft.). My current plan has approx. 250 brick supports with 2x4 joists at 18" spacing and bricks every 30" along each joist. So that would be a lot...
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    Wood decking over existing concrete slab patio

    Hi, I am about to install a wooden deck over my 2 (ugly but solid) concrete slab patios. I have enough info and help for this job, except can someone please advise the best way to support / lift the decking frame above the concrete slabs to prevent the frame from rotting due to water...