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    Knocking out brickwork for new window

    You will still need a lintel above the window in the outer skin. One of the 'L' shaped ones or a solid wall lintel covering both skins. UPVC windows are not load bearing
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    Asbestos Anxiety!

    Asbestos is safe as long as it isn't damaged or disturbed. It doesn't look suspicious to me but if you wanted to be safe you could paint over it to seal it in, this is the recognised way of encapsulating asbestos. Then just dont drill into it in the future
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    Level Concrete Floor with Sand

    Hi, I need to level an uneven concrete floor before installing insulation and screed. I've seen that some people suggest using sharp sand to fill the hollows. does this sound reasonable? I think it would work as all it needs to do is allow the insulation to sit level? I cant use letex or...
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    Creaking Engineered Wood Floor

    Hi All, I'm laying an engineered wood floor over floorboards and am having a terrible time! I first layed it over the floorboards with foam underlay and it creaked when walked on, so then I added fibre board underlay in place of the foam and it still creaked, then I put WBP 18mm ply over...