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    Facebook problems again

    Open it in a browser whilst you have problems, or go into app settings and clear the apps cache
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    Where is the hard drive?

    No hard drives there, any more compartments to unscrew?
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    Memory stick loses files but not folders

    Hidden files filter switched on? Otherwise, do you have a backup system enabled to fetch files from the stick rather than replicate them to backup drive?
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    Win 10 Desktop keeps cutting out

    Sounds like windows update failing to apply over and over. Have you tried searching for "windows update" ?
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    AVG Free

    Been using AVG free for years, it's fine. I double up and use Defender too
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    Two-way radio ask

    Perhaps stick them on eBay, and I'll take a look. cheers
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    Two-way radio ask

    Thanks, hoping they'll hear my voice, much like a CB radio, "you got your ears on?" :)
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    Two-way radio ask

    Hi, now I work in the shed at top of garden, I'd like a 2-way radio that I can talk to family , e.g. "where's my tea?" :D seriously, they're all useless using their mobiles (often on silent), so I'm wondering about a 2-way radio to raise them. There are three available from Argos up to £30...
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    Error message when copying video files

    You've not got the files open elsewhere have you, in a video player for example?
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    Recommended monitor replacement please

    Hi, I don't think the response rate on these TVs is high enough, the text on screen is not entirely crisp, plus for the kids gaming, I'd like to give them more than a 22" screen size, the Xbox will only support one screen
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    Amiga 600 (or A600)

    Dare I mention Atari ST on this thread? :D
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    Recommended monitor replacement please

    I currently use two 22" LG FHD TV screens for work from home, and want to improve screen clarity, plus connect my home PC for gaming for the kids. The work laptop, a Latitude 5300, won't run 4k as I understand it, so can anyone recommend a screen that could serve as a good twin screen...
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    Garden room on wonky slab

    Perhaps jack the room up slowly and sling beams under?
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    Transfer pix from Mobile Phone to a PC

    Yes, connect phone to PC with regular charger USB cable, then when phone recognises connection choose the option to transfer files over USB, following which PC will then see phone as a folder, from which photos can be copied from DCIM folder
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    Broken Screen replacement help - HP Pavillion

    I'd try ebay from a seller with a decent reputation or rating. Be wary of item location too, delivery could take a while from China