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    Furnace board common connection?

    Third wire is earth conductor. Stick with battery powered unit Or go wireless.
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    Honeywell TR4 | Worth upgrading?

    First things fittest, how many radiators do you have or more precisely, what is the total output of all your radiators. No point in pushing buttons without educated reasoning. Now this is what the CH output should be set at. Next. Boiler when it goes to heating the rads, will not fire at 35 kw...
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    Radiators on manifold with room stats

    Manifold idea would work but a bit Heath Robinson. Better to do conventional with TRVs that will take smart heads. Main flow and return can be extended as your schedule progresses Best bit about likes of Evohome kit is that it will move with you if you move home. Expensive but utterly flexible...
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    Grandson who is 6 now had following conversation with GM ( grandmother) GS ( grand son). Grandma you are fat GM. Grandmothers can be fat GS, no grandma, you eat too much…… but I like you
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    My grand daughter at 4 is a heartbreaker.
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    Daughters are special
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    Installing an OpenTherm boiler control / thermostat - Gas Safe?

    Once the front cover is off, the combustion chamber is revealed. Also there is a need to ensure the seal is maintained Once the front panel is back in place. Those that work with 5his boiler will know what I am talking about as wiring once in place needs to ensure sealed chamber remains sealed.
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    Ideal Vogue Combi C32 Boiler

    Is the burner removed and heat exchanger air side flushed
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    Ideal Vogue Combi C32 Boiler

    How long does the service take? A service carried out with analyser and not taking the cover off the boiler is not a service. Often this is what the customer gets- a boiler check only which is called a service.
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    Ideal Vogue Combi C32 Boiler

    First and foremost, every boiler needs makers recommended service carried out at regular intervals. 7 years and counting, no removal of burner, no checking the diverter, no FGA etc list does not stop here Get the boiler serviced as required, chances are boiler will start functioning correctly...
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    Open ch system converted to Combi

    it is hard to speculate if you will have an issue. If the system has weakness, elevated system pressure will require regular top ups else system may not work reliably plus system corrosion increases due to regular pressurisation System sediment concentration could effect hot water delivery...
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    Person on Gas Safe Certificate isn't who installed our boiler

    Simple. Call gas safe and ask them
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    Nest To Hive

    Perhaps nothing wrong with nest unit then? the programmer ( for heat) opens the heating valve, valve once fully open will operate a switch within the enclosure, switch then runs the boiler. The state of that valve would seem to suggest issue lay there not in Nest which you changed for its...
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    Back boiler to new boiler

    Do not understand “ no no heat exchanger” How did you set the burner pressure when gas valve was changed I know it is cast iron heat exchanger. How did you check the flue and carry out spillage test Gas alarm? To do what?
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    Is BG HomeCare worthwhile for a problematic system?

    After a proper system cleanse system should not "fill" the megnaclean filter. Power flush carried out without thought is useless. Putting a new boiler onto existing dirty system will be counterproductive.