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    Fully pumped central heating system

    Hi All I have an open vented central heating system with a header tank in the loft. Do I need an air vent on the highest point on the hot water loop as the water enters the coil in the hot water tank!
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    How to blank a 15mm water pipe?

    Hi all I'm replacing a toilet, the water supply is from the side and tee's into a supply pipe which is behind the soil stack. There isn't room to cut the vertical pipe to remove the tee and the horizontal pipe has been bent to supply the toilet making it impossible to to put a push fit or...
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    Bottle Air Vent

    I'm looking at fitting a bottle air vent to my central heating / hot water system. Where is the best place?
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    Shower Pump / Raising Main

    I need to fit a pump to boost the water pressure on my Mira Sport electric shower. The shower is fed on a raising main; most pumps are for gravity fed systems. Would one of these pumps work on my system?
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    Hi Is ther a one way valve (Check valve) on the hot water pipe supplying the mixer tap? If not the cold water is push back up the hot water pipe back to the hot water tank triggering the boiler to kick in.