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    Streets of Rage

    Bring back the workhouse, legalise slave labour. Euthanise prisoners and mentally ill. Scrap the social welfare programme. Who dug you guys up? You're obviously relics of a bygone age. :roll:
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    Here we go again!

    Trolls, tying to reverse the defintion of trollism. Do not respond! GD forum is awash with trolls.
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    Any ideas on putting an arch in coursed stonework?

    With a dished blade:
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    Any ideas on putting an arch in coursed stonework?

    One can only assume that planning want to differentiate between an original built arch and a later addition cut into the stone. Is their criteria only applying to the outside skin? So you can build a proper arch on the inner skin? Just a suggestion: I would draw the proposed arch onto the...
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    Here we go again!

    I've come to the conclusion that GD forum will, eventually, be better off without me, not because I think I have little to offer. But because my, and other’s similar views, attract such vitriolic bigoted posts, and unsubstantiated diversionary accusations. Subsequently, GD forum is little more...
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    Sory to be blunt, but who knows. You don't mention the weight or stiffness of the covering. You also leave it rather confused with your penultimate sentence: "The two wood beams away from the house will each have 2 2x6 wood beams attached to the sides of the 4x4 with a 1/2 inch carriage...
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    Chimney needling inspected / swept?

    It probably should be swept annually anyway. So why not get it swept when you move in and when booking the sweep ask if they can give you a report on the state of the chimney.
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    New gatepost..

    First of all, Christine, you're in the wrong place. This forum is for people who want to show off their own projects, rather than for those who want advice. I've asked the mods to move it for you, either to Garden, or Building. Secondly, the photos are not available. Thirdly, you need...
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    Laying slabs - bed of sand or mortar?

    For me, it would depend on the expected traffic on the slabs. Pedestrian traffic only, even very light vehicular traffic, where the sand could not seep out and flags could not creep, at the edges, I'd be happy with a sand bed. If necessary, using a mortar bed around the edges to prevent sand...
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    planning permission granted now mrs changed her mind

    It is often possible to do minor alterations to existing plans/permission at no cost. You will need to submit an original plan and another with your required minor alterations clearly shown. The only way you'll know if this will be allowed is to ask. A telephone call should suffice and...
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    Where's our Joe90??

    William Joseph ---> Joseph William ----> Joseph Bill ----> JB?
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    Here we go again!

    They already do. They bomb IS soldiers, then when the medics/undertakers are in there clearing up, they bomb them again. Then when there's a funeral, they bomb them again.
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    What Are These Small Gas Cannisters Used For?

    Who mentioned specific words? LastMagicBean made a racist/Islamophobic joke. I think you're jumping to enormous assumptions. You've lost the plot and scrambling for an argument I, for one, expect my mates not to make jokes in front of me that make any minority a joke. If I found out...
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    are patio heaters ethically acceptable?

    You're obviously more experienced than I, in these matters.
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    What Are These Small Gas Cannisters Used For?

    You are, of course, welcome to your opinion, as am I. But anyone who introduces an example of a racist joke into reasonable discussion is an opportunist racist. Something which I will object to. You are, of course free to object to my objection. But doesn't that make you a supporter of...