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    burner cotrol box

    not easy without more info - photocell?
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    Riello oil boiler. Massive fuel consumption!

    Soot on the terminal guard indicates that the fuel old is not atomising, this may be down to a worn nozzle, loss of pump pressure, blocked air intake or blocked heat exchanger. By the sounds of things the boiler is going to require a de-coke. As an oil fired heating engineer, I would...
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    Hot Water Problem

    Don't know then. For whatever reason the boiler's pressure switch is not acting when you put the shower on. Without it in front of me to test it's impossible to decide whether it's shower or boiler.
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    boiler problems

    Dirty pilot injector, thermocouple on it's way out or loose, can't remember if these have a high limit interrupter, if so the leads or connectors may be damaged. Is your heating system fitted with 2 or 3 port motorised valves, if so it sounds like the syncron motor isn't making the micro...
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    Hot Water Problem

    Do you live in a limescale area? Is the shower thermostatic - it regulates the temperature itself? Do you have any kind of other controls such as pressure reducing valves, blending valves elsewhere? Does the boiler operate normally? My money is on a seized shower thermostat at the moment.
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    Flue installed near to Vent

    As above, the boiler flue is not compliant. If products of combustion are entering your property is is immediately dangerous, if not then it's at risk, either way contact an engineer to test ingress to your vent, and follow industry unsafe situations. This may cause a big row with your...
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    Heating Oil Pipes

    If it's all you've got and it stops a leak it will do. Note the answers above.
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    remeha avanta plus 28c

    The ignition / ionisation probe has sagged They bend away from the burner so that signal is lost on low flame. Blow torch until red hot and bend it back - need a gas engineer to do it, as 26/9 gas safety checks are required after. HTH
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    Worcester 35CDI combination boiler high pressure

    The red expansion vessel has either discharged or ruptured, the testing of them requires the boiler to be isolated from the rest of the system via flow and return isolator valves, and the boiler side pipe work to be discharged of pressure, there will be a schrader (car tyre type) valve on the...
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    We have a combi, want a solid fuelled Aga/rayburn also?

    The sums may add up in the future with the recent energy price rises. I was under the impression the poster was requesting opinions and advice, you've given yours.
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    well water only, which heating and hot water system?

    You will need a negative head pump and decent filters. LPG is currently cheaper than oil (in bulk tanks) but I would look at heat pumps, biomass or even log burner boilers - Aga produce one. If you are going to throw yourself whole heartedly into this project you could fit PV solar panels...
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    We have a combi, want a solid fuelled Aga/rayburn also?

    I have fitted one of these to an oil system boiler wood burner dual boiler system - A combination boiler is not the ideal choice for such a system, but the use of a neutralizer and appropriate pipe stats, heat leak radiators and zone valves would make it...
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    Bathroom shaver point zone dimensions?

    Can anyone please let me know the dimensions for a shaver point above and to the side of a bathroom wash hand basin? Thanks
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    Power shower inlet pressures

    That's brilliant, thanks very much.
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    Power shower inlet pressures

    I'm changing a bathroom with mains pressure cold and low pressure hot via loft tanks and hot water cylinder. Would ideally like to get decent shower head pressure where hot and cold are equal. Is it an option to isolate the bath hot and increase pressure via a pump leaving the other side...