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    P.C.B. needed

    We need a pcb for a Schreiber integral freezer (MFI) . We had a british gas engineer out this morning but he wants a pcb ,he didnt have one and didnt know if they could get one? Its with british gas insurance and is only four years old. they have offered a small contribution towards...
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    PCB for a baxi solo 250 pf

    Did I see a PCB on here a few weeks ago for 45£ for a baxi solo 250 PF? was it an exchange one I.E. ( refurbished?). The boiler is working but the pump is running continually. the plumber say,s its the PCB.? thanks in advance
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    Baxi 2pf pump continually running

    he is overseeing the boiler side, but its the electrics from the stat which he isn,t familar with. the boiler is not running from the stat at the moment it just powered from a 13a socket and the on-off switch. we are trying to determine why there is only 148v from the switch live on the stat...
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    Baxi 2pf pump continually running

    This boiler is heating koi pond (daft I know) the boiler works fine on a loop from permanant live to switch live. although reading a previous post it seems that the pcb is shot with the pump continually running. the other promblem is with the digital stat there is only putting out 148v...