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    Death of a Workmate

    I have one from the 80s, needed a new top so they went on the Xmas list. the parts from b&d were more than a new workmate so they bought me a new one! It is crap, made new top for the old one out of a table top and it lives on.
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    Mixing up yellow mortar (Sandstone?)

    Yellow sand from builders merchant and opc, may need to try different mixes until it matches Will be grey but not as dark as when using red sand. standard sand where I grew up was yellow, where I live now it is red.
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    What tool do I need to remove and reinsert these screws? Thank you for your help.

    A drill to remove, new ones and a riveting tool to refix
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    Radiator sizing

    Getting the insulation sorted helped and saw 20C before changing the radiator - warmer than it has been before. Stelrad 1600 radiator delivered (eventually) from Screwfix. Tuffnells claimed to have delivered it when they hadn't so got it 2 days late. To help flow as much as possible it was...
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    Dimmer for leds

    Varilight V Pro from TLC and some dimmable 7W G9 LEDs ordered, when the lamps arrived they had nothing on the packaging about being dimmable and when fitted didn't dim, supplier now providing return details. Some 6W Dicuno replacements ordered and with dimmer in standard mode (2?) they dimmed...
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    Radiator sizing

    Height is limited by a window with a low sill, could go wider. Might get a 450mm Stelrad in but 500 won’t fit.
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    Radiator sizing

    We have a large room 5m x 4m which has always been a little cool. It has a partial pitched roof with a bedroom over 3/4 of it. Window about 3m2 and 2 outside walls (cavity insulated) and one wall to garage probably insulated. Online calculators show about 6000 btu required. A thermometer is...
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    Duct size for cables

    Do they mean mole plough or directional drill? Moving can mean either If they intend to plough them in are you sure there are no other services they can hit with the plough.
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    Dimmer for leds

    No neutral at switch but I could add one if necessary. It is the Varilight dimmers I was looking at. The V-pro is listed as silent and is TE, the V-com is LE but not listed as silent which implies noisy . . . Any recommendations on lamps, I presume those using triac dimming are not suitable...
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    Dimmer for leds

    wife has very good hearing and can hear most of the cheap dimmers we have in the house. We are redecorating and switching 2 rooms to dimmable leds. Now TLC have what they say are silent dimmer modules (trailing edge) but would any led lamp work of these or are the lamps choosy about dimmer type?
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    Shower Tray Problem

    Striped the bottom row of tiles out with a diamond blade (I wish she hadn’t picked porcelain tiles) and removed the tray. Problem may have been water getting into the chipboard floor (my fault for not getting the waterproofing right). The bottom of the tray that came out is noticeably concave...
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    Washing machine broken "spider" can it be fixed

    I wouldn’t chance fixing a spider, I did change one a few years ago. The wife was shocked when she saw the machine stopped to the case with no front or top and the bits spread out on the kitchen floor.
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    Electrical wiring under screed

    Might need metal conduit for mechanical protection And if so the conduit would need earthing. I would run the conduit to a back box each end at normal accessory height just in case I ever need to replace the cable.
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    Evolution Mitre Saw : Is the clamp any good?

    The clam is the least of your worries. I have an Evolution Mitre saw but not a sliding version. There is so much play in the mechanism that it would be useless for picture framing. Go somewhere you can handle one and see how much play it has. Can't complain too much about mine as SWMBO used...
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    Does anyone ever experience moisture under carpet pieces on the floor?

    How old is the building, it may not have any damp proofing in the floor so you get moisture rising, when it was built they didn't expect carpet to be laid on the floor