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    Temperature shower on handle broken

    Here's a picture of it from inside for reference.
  2. J

    Temperature shower on handle broken

    Hi both Here's a clearer photo of the handle from inside. Cheers!
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    Electric socket too close to the 'hot zone'?

    Hi guys We need a new replacement gas cooker and were thinking of AO, but looking at their installation guidelines the socket on the left seems too close to their 'hot zone'. We've had the cooker serviced before with no problems, any advice? Thanks for your help. James
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    Temperature shower on handle broken

    Hi Rob Thanks for the reply, yeah it just came off in my hand...nothing seems broken except for the wire spring inside the handle seems to be in the wrong place. Can I get a replacement for this without having to do any major shower repairs? Complete newbie here. Thanks James
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    Temperature shower on handle broken

    Hi all The temperature handle on our shower has broken - looking inside I think the spring has been misplaced - any ideas on how to fix it please? Or do we need a new one? Thanks for the help! Cheers James
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    Removing screws from stone

    Hi all In our new property there was a rotten wooden fence which had been screwed into the wall. Anyone have any advice on how to remove these without damaging the stone? Kind regards James
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    Problem in bathroom

    Hi all I've recently moved into a flat and the previous occupants have left a problem in the bathroom. The wood next to the shower has worn away over time - please see pics. I want to fix this without ripping the wood out and starting again - any ideas/suggestions? I appreciate any help...