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    Damp Issue - Advice Needed!

    Hi all, We have a patch of damp in our downstairs bathroom. It's an extension on a victorian terrace. Had some damp proofing specialists around who quoted us SEVEN THOUSAND POUNDS to take the whole thing back to brick, 'damp proof' and then board and plaster. it's about 15sqm total area that...
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    Levelling up Fire Surround

    Hi everyone, I've had one of the rooms in my house skimmed, but have decided to keep the old fireplace, hearth etc. Unfortunately, on closer inspection have realised that the hearth is not level, and consequently it is making the surround look wonky against the newly added picture rail and...
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    Painting over kitchen paint

    Hi All, I would like to paint over the paint in my kitchen. It's some sort of 'waterproof' kitchen paint that you can't seem to paint over easily (when I tried the paint just sort of separates into gloops/blobs!). I actually removed the existing paint from one of the walls with a heat gun -...
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    What is this? Asbestos?

    Legends, thanks guys!
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    What is this? Asbestos?

    Hi. We've just removed the skirting boards in our victorian terraced house and we have found some black gunk/fluff. What is it? We're worried it could be asbestos. Thanks, Jim
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    Painting matt on top of satin

    Hi all, Apologies if this has been asked a million times already... I have just purchased my first house, and very excitedly started painting the kitchen today. The walls are currently painted with what looks like satin white paint. I imagine it could be some sort of 'kitchen' paint with...