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    Painting fresh plaster

    Presumably you're aware that once the plaster has gone light pink you're good to paint? If you got a bit of gentle heat going through the room tomorrow, you'll be surprised how quickly it will dry. Some people will disagree strongly with forcing plaster to dry at any level, but as long as you...
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    Lining Paper

    Hi Nige F, Totally agree - would never paint over pva, but I think Dan is relining - ie. will be painting the new lining paper and not direct onto the pva, which I just recommended to give a good surface for papering on. Hope I haven't misread his question. Best Julian
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    another painting bathroom lining paper query

    Hi there, You're taking a bit of a risk with paper in a bathroom, but as long as its well stuck down, you should get away with it - you've used the best paste on the market, so that should help. I wouldn't recommend oil-based or water-based eggshell as the former, as you rightly point out...
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    Lining Paper

    Hi Dan, You are best to strip it right back into the corner. First run a stanley knife blade down the corner to cut through the paper - otherwise when you try stripping you'll often get tears going round the corner onto the adjacent wall. Then, after you've prepped the wall, sanded, filled...
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    Best white paint?

    Hi, Yes, I'm sure it is from Dulux. I've also used Gliddens bases with the Dulux mixing machine to good effect - little or no difference from the Dulux colourcard, and again much less expensive.