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    Help needed - what to do with this hearth?

    Thank you everyone. Yes, it is a real fire that we'll be using so want to make sure we're not going against any fire regulations. Thanks Tigercubrider - we'll carefully replace the cream tiles on the raised bit. For the black concrete I'll check how deep it goes. I think the best thing...
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    Help needed - what to do with this hearth?

    We pulled up our living room carpet to find the old concrete hearth underneath which surrounds the raised tiled hearth and meets the floorboards. In the picture you can see the raised tiled hearth in cream tiles, then the black concrete that surrounds it on the floor. I'm not sure what to do to...
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    Repair or replace concrete hearth?

    I am reinstating a decorative cast iron fireplace and tiled hearth in our bedroom in a Victorian terrace. I've removed the plaster from the chimney breast and exposed the builders opening. I'm now wondering what to do with the hearth... - It seems like a layer of concrete over rubble, then what...