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  • Please could you help i have a prima lpr600 dishwasher thats not washing if you start it the pump runs for about 30seconds then stops no lights flash or anything i read one of your older post to someone with the same problem but i have done what you advised it worked once then no more is there anything else that i can do or is it goosed
    Many thanks for the highly technical advice of giving the washing machine a thump near the lock. I'd spent ages trying to get my ancient Zanussi to open after it died this morning with all the dogs' laundry still inside. Thank you!
    Kieth, just a quick note to say thank you. Just read your advice on Creda T622CW, given way back in 2005. had the same problem, dryer working, but not heating, drilled the thremostat as you said, put a pin in and click: hey presto dryer working/heating. Brilliant saved ££££££££.

    Thanks your a star
    Dear keithwasherman, thank you very much. I had a problem with my whirlpool dishwasher in France. I looked up DIYnot on the internet, found your post from 8 october 2005, did the job on mine and hey presto it worked. Fantastic. if you are ever this way look me up as we have a B&B with a special discount for you. Our website is http://pagesperso-orange.fr/alan.villaweaver. Thanks again!
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