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    a budget shower wanted, buying advice required

    Do these need plumbing in to my wall? If it does its already tiled and dont really want to start creating more work Keith
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    a budget shower wanted, buying advice required

    hi I am wanting a shower. I have a condensing combi boiler and from what I have read a mixer shower is cheaper to install and cheaper to buy. I am a little confused with the typesa I see a thurmastatic mixer shower to that regulate the temp. But I do like my showers really hot and I am worried...
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    mobile work lamp needed

    Hi, I need a work lamp for the back of my van because the one fitted is too dark for night time working, a rechargeable one would be better and one that could be recharged or run from a 12v cigarette lighter socket, it need to be bright, my work have given me a budget up to £25 any suggestions...
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    Cleaning/Waxing/Polishing a car using a buffer/polisher

    Does it take longer if you use your left hand and does it give you a different finish or more enjoyable finish?
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    Siegen s0758 Sander / Polisher pads

    Hi, I have a siegen s0758 180mm hook and loop sander and polisher that someone bought me for Christmas, I am looking for a set of pads for polishing my car but can't find the type I need, I think its a unpopular make so I am struggling, it has a hook and loop backing plate that's 180mm wide, can...
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    Cleaning/Waxing/Polishing a car using a buffer/polisher

    Hi for Christmas my parents bought me a electric various speed 180mm buffer and polisher, I have never used one before, I have a black Hyundai Santa Fe that has a few surface scratches and swirl marks, how and what process do I need to bring up my car? What shampoo, wax, soap and polish do i...
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    Programmable thermostat timer needed for Glow Worm cxi30

    Hi I want a good 7 day wireless programmable thermostat for my glow worm condenser combi boiler, are they all the same, one fits all or do they differ? I want a decent one and maybe one that can put the heating on for hour at the touch of a button (for my girlfriend) not important though, a...
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    Glow worm 30cxi pressure problem

    How do I check the charge in the pressure valve on this boiler?, I'm have the same problem, filling it up to 1 bar, 3 hours or so later, 0.5 bar flashing error, checked for leaks nothing, checked for water running out of expansion pipe and all dry. Any suggestion? Keith
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    central heating, problem with radiator

    Hi, I have a radiator in my kitchen that only gets hot when I turn the valves down on a couple of the other radiators, what causes this and can it be solved? Keith
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    bulbs and watts and lighting

    So its ok to use a low energy bulb as long as you dont go over the maximum watts Keith
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    bulbs and watts and lighting

    Hi, when a lights says 60w max, is this the biggest bulb I can put in? Or can I put a larger low energy bulb in to say 15w = 75w or even a 20w to equal 100w and still be ok, my bathroom is a little dark at 11w = 60w low energy, but it says maximum 60 watts Instructions say Max. 11w 240v E27...
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    Ceiling fan in a kitchen and gas regulations

    Hi I have a ceiling fan in my kitchen, its opposite side of the room to my gas cooker, however we do have a combi boiler on the wall in the kitchen, am I breaking any laws by having a ceiling fan or can it create any problems? Keith
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    Security light with chime

    Currently unavailable
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    Security light with chime

    Hi, I would like to know where I can get a standard security light with a wireless chime/alarm. Where is the cheapest place to get one please. Regards Keith
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    Low Energy security lights

    Hi, can anyone tell me if you can get a low energy security light for outdoors? I have a standard 500w that needs replacing, ive seen low energy sucurity lights advertised but do these kick out enough light to have an inpact like my 500w would? Keith