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    Cupboard and shelving unit idea

    I appreciate that JaK, I'll buy some 2x3. The stairs were actually outside stairs for a project at a house near me and were green pressure treated stuff.
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    Cupboard and shelving unit idea

    I'd Ike to make a cupboard shelf unit approx 190cm h 60x60cm. I'd be using reclaimed wood mostly pallet wood and some stairs I found in a skip. They were made from pressure treated I think size is 5cm x 16cm I was thinking using that wood for the 4 legs. My problem is the longest bits are 80cm...
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    Hey guys I have a summerhouse/luxury shed that's got a few issues. Starting at the roof the felt was never pulled under and the wood covering that was rotten and I pulled that off a year ago. Got some flash band to put under felt and under roof. Doors needs new hinges, windows and doors need the...
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    Which power tool brand

    Nice bit if kit. May have to re think this then. My shed has its own fuse board. That shed had a tumble dryer and washing machine next to a freezer. I've been using the welder and my partner has done the usual complaint of I can't use the washing machine and dryer. We not sure if I can use...
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    Which power tool brand

    Reason for battery grinder is I'm wanting to use it when welding. I have a 100amp gasless welder which I run off normal plug so was hoping I'd never blow anything If say welder, a large kitchen appliance or 2 was on then grinder. Batteries I have are Einhell 2 X 3ah battery. Bosch not sure...
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    Which power tool brand

    Hey guys I'm looking to get a few battery powered tools but unsure which brand to get. I can't afford high end stuff. So far I've got einhell impact driver, cheapo Bosch drill and hikoki drill. All battery. I have various mains powered Bosch jigsaw, hikoki angle grinders, Ryobi reciprocating saw...
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    Rotten base shed/summer house

    Hey guys, I moved into this house couple of years ago and put off a few things. It's been used to store bits of wood, bikes and other bits. I need in the summer to somehow sort the shed/summer house. The base has always worried me it sits on a slab base soaking up all the water. Today I went to...
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    Gas fire flue and door

    Hey guys my parents have moved in to a property with a already condemned gas fire. They assumed it was just the fire. They were looking at some in a showroom and dad was showing pics to where the gas fire was to go and also the flue. The saleswomen pointed out that the flue was too close to the...
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    No sound

    Hey, when I set up Freeview Humax box and a now TV box the Humax loses sound after watching now TV. It takes a lot of turning off and on to get working or leaving it over night. Any ideas how to realistically solve this issue? Thanks
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    Plants to help support the wall

    A neighbour has a Cornish stone wall and was told by a builder to get some plants to help secure the wall. The photo is closet I can get to as what it looks like. What plants, Standard alpine/rockery plants? Cheers guys
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    Mice in the utility shed

    Cheers guys gonna disinfect all items and tools. Give freezer and tumble a good look over and clean. Will be buying bleach and disinfect like people have been buying bog rolls lol. Would I need to get rid of the fibreboard that's on the shelves rack or disinfect and leave to dry?
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    Mice in the utility shed

    My shed that's the tool storage area and washing, drying and freezer machine area also. I got mice. Got rid of 4 or 5 with traps. Some bait was taken. They may have damaged the washing machine so I need to get replace that and disenfect all tools and other 2 machines. My question is do I take...
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    Wood protection
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    Wood protection

    Cheers guys. I just seen this Any good? Or do I bite and buy 2 or 3 cans of 5l decking oil or wood treatment
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    Wood protection

    Hey, as I've said in previous posts I'm building a bike shed from pallets. This time I'd like to know what's best protection from the 2 links below or other suggestions. 2 sides I will most like not be able to protect very well but will try to coat again in couple years ...