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    Locks for wooden front door

    Thanks so much for your reply. That looks like a really good option to keep the door closed. I'm being really fussy here but I dont actually want it to close all the time!! Eg. If unloading shopping from car, you'd just want the door open. I've probably worded my question wrong but I'm more...
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    Locks for wooden front door

    We have fitted a new hardwood front door on a Victorian house and want a centre door knob for aesthetic reasons. Other than maybe pulling the door closed with it, it is decorative only. We fitted a mortice deadlock and were planning to fit a Yale lock also. But I've now realised this means that...
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    External insulation on a shed?

    Hi all, I have had an idea to create a garden office and can't find any similar suggestions online so am now wondering if its completely crazy.... I was going to purchase the Kinver log cabin from Screwfix, which is basically like a fancy shed but the photos of the inside look quite nice...