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    New build Basement... project managing help !

    Wow tannoy & diary room, why didnt i think of that!...keep them coming its really cheering me up :0)
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    New build Basement... project managing help !

    Hi Guys Ive made some great contacts on various forums,and as crazy as it sounds decided to project mange my basement. A basement contractor has kindly offered me one of his contacts, his past employee has recently set up on his own business and is able to provide me a labour price for the...
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    Can Anyone Recommend A Basement Structural Engineer

    Hi all im getting closer to starting my build.. Finding it very difficult getting someone to take on the basement structural design due to the time of year most are away under the sun.... can anyone please recommend a engineer that is familiar with traditional basement building ie...
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    Quatation For Basement Walls

    Hi Guys ive been getting quotations in for me basement build... one contractor has suggest top down basement construction ie constructing the basement using the traditional route...constructing a segmented concrete wall carried out in 1.2m strips hence providing a shell for the basement whilst...
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    **bay window slipped cracked since Double glazing window **

    Hi Thanks for looking...cowboy builder replaced my double glazing window a year ago, since then the 1st floor and ground floor windows have stopped closing a cracks appeared in one corner of the 1st floor bay long gone To top it off the owner of the flat above has just...
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    building a diy exercise pool i found a cheap way of doing it

    Hi All Im planning a diy exercise swimming pool, wanted to share the best method that i found. 1) liner wasn't keen to weak. 2) fibre glass shell cant find one for under 4k 3) ready made exercise pool made from fibre glass no less that 10k out of my budget. found a company that...
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    planning abasement delta membrane work in a high water table

    hi all im planning a basement on my new build however just found out that im in a high water table area. im dead against water proof concrete as ive seen it go wrong in other forums... my question will the delta membrane be sufficient in a high water table as this is what my architect has...
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    Converting detached bungalow in to two?

    hi ive done a few new builds and conversions not in your area im from London, your best bet is get a good architect behind you draw up what you are proposing, A absolute must arrange a pre planning advice it may cost you but in the long run it fast and cheaper to get ot done correctly 1st...
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    looking to add a basement on my new build costs pitfalls exp

    Hi all thanks for looking im looking to add a basement onto my new basement ive got the planning for a 120sqm basement, has anyone been through the process cost involved pitfall money saving ideas. the new build will be built up against my existing house so underpinning will be required...
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    Basement new build pricing groundworks, formwork, tanking

    Hi all Decided to breakdown my new build basement build into separate contracts or stages to save money rather than hand over to one contractor and pay through the teeth, a lot of Qs here if you can even answer one that would be a great help and much appreciated. My 1st Q getting prices...
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    Basement costs

    hey mate thanks link was very help especially the info below. which is around the same size of my basement. A full 120m² basement would result in around 300-400m³ to be cleared: expect it to cost £5,000 upwards, just to excavate and cart away the earth. -
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    Basement costs

    Hi Sorry ive tried but dont seem to work they can be seen on the following links thanks...or i think in my albums
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    Basement costs

    Thanks for looking Hi Guys wanted to share my experience so far….Im building a new build property with basement, I’ve had quotes as high as 170k for my basement at a waterproof shell stage ready for the other trades, ie brick layers etc. I’ve had one quote in, using waterproof concrete...