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    Discoloured roof joist

    Hello all. Whilst in my loft earlier today I noticed part of one of the joists looked very dark, possibly wet. I've taken a couple of pictures and rather than being wet the last 3 foot or so looks to be a different colour. I can't see any obvious signs of moisture ingress and the timber at...
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    Identify Upvc window beading profile

    Hello all. I have broken some of the beading in a Upvc conservatory window frame and need to supply it. The original installer has gone bust and I'm trying to find an alternative source. Does anyone recognise the profile in the photos here:-...
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    Replacement of Upvc beading

    Thanks for the replies. The conservatory was on the house when I moved in and I think it's generally poor construction and fitting. I think the units are too tight a fit and I'll replace with ones a few mm smaller. I've posted a few pics of the beading in the following album...
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    Replacement of Upvc beading

    Hello all. My first post and what might turn out to be a trivial one. I have a Upvc conservatory and the inner panes in two small IG units have broken during the winter. I can only guess this is a thermal effect or poorly fitted units. Another unit broke 2 years ago and I had a lot of...