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    Chimney breast flue direction

    Cheers. Appreciate the reply.
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    Chimney breast flue direction

    Hi folks, Looking to have a multi fuel stove installed in the New Year but when I look up my chimney breast, I notice that it is not a straight path to the roof but that it zig zags at the beginning. Is this normal? Would I need to have this removed to fit a 5” liner? Any other things I should...
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    Removing paint from exterior brick

    Thank you. Think it might be worth hiring someone who is competent dealing with the chemicals to do it properly. Saw a house locally that was being blasted with a DOFF. Not sure if that’s worth a hire? Cheers
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    Removing paint from exterior brick

    Hi folks, Can anyone give me some advice on how I should go about removing the paint from the bricks on my house's exterior? Theres only 20 or so to do. It's peeling at the edges already. Cheers Richard
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    Door panel replacement

    Thanks a lot for getting back to me. Yeah it looks like you are right. There is a plastic sleeve on the edge of the door that slides up. I can't slide it all the way up to expose the screw just now as it hits the ceiling. Is there a way for me to measure the thickness of the panel accurately...
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    Door panel replacement

    Hi folks, I’m trying to replace the lower panel in my pvc door for a solid one into which I can place a cat flap. The door has no manufacturer or model sticker and I’m having real issues trying to remove the rubber strips that hold the panel in. Can anyone advise what make and model the door...
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  12. My house

    My house

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    Fixing a slipped slate

    I live in a bungalow and a roof slate, from near the ridge, has slipped completely off the roof. I called a few roofers, one didn't return my call and the other, understandably, wouldn't just return the slate to its rightful place. They would also have to check the roof for any other issues and...
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    BSP inconsistency

    Hi folks, I’m trying to understand why 2 items advertised as 5/8 bsp are not the same size? So I have a draft beer system at home and bought a beer keg coupler with threads advertised as male 5/8 bsp(p). In order to attach the beer line to the coupler, I bought an adapter which was advertised...
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    Partially blocked garden drain

    Ah. That'll be it then. Cheers