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    What to do with gap between skirting board and pine floor

    Hi, I've just had my floorboards stripped and varnished and they look great. I've put new skirting on, but as the floors are 120 years old and not perfectly flat I've got gaps of a few mms in places. What do people normally do with these? Fill or ignore?
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    Correct cement/sand mix for covering fireplace hearth gap

    Hi, It's 4 foot wide, 1 foot back and only 1 inch deep (it's to repair damage to existing concrete slab.
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    Correct cement/sand mix for covering fireplace hearth gap

    Hi, I have a hole where a fireplace hearth used to be and want to cement it flat to bring it to floor level and then paint black. I've bought cement (plasticised) and sand and don't know what cement/sand mix to use for this. Can anyone help please?
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    How to clean nicotinse stained plastic...

    I've got 2 items I need to keep and clean up, both of which are filrthy currently: a wired smoke detector and wired alarm buzzer. What would be a good product for cleaning these bearing in mind I can use a damp cloth, but not a wet one on them?
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    Harder wearing alternative to vinyl silk...

    I've been using this to paint old door architraves and it knocks very easily. I presume I need an oil based equivalent to give a more hard wearing finish. What would that be?
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    Help with painting a stair bannister

    You can purchase masks that will protect you from this vapour, but the last one I got was about £18 in Screwfix. The amount of work involved i nthis to get a good result will be massive! You'll spend a longtime stripping eac bainster and then have to sand then afterwards. If you're tempted...
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    How hard is it to become Part P certified?

    I have some experience of wiring and a degree in Electrical Engineer so all the principles and calculations side of it's straightforward, it's more how todo things in accordance with IEE guidelines that I'd need to learn. How hard is itto become Part P qualified? If there's an intensive...
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    Floor sanding and polyurethane varnish

    Thanks folks for the advice. I agree that it would be easy for me to mess up and I'm also put off as it's a pretty noisy & dirty job. What do you think of the price - 2 14 by 14 foot rooms sanded and varnished for £550 cash. The guy said 2 of them would do it within a day and I'm wondering if...
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    Floor sanding and polyurethane varnish

    I'm going to get 2 rooms sanded (each 14 by 15ft). I've had a quote for: £400 sand only £550 sand and varnish with polyurethane (3 coats). The floors are original oak from 1880 and have mild stiletto marks and rasing of boards in cetre, so I'd presume a standard sand. Is this price...
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    10A RCBO for a lighting circuit...?

    Thanks folks Re: voting for the electrician, I want to make sure it's done properly and safely, regardless of whether he's liable. I've ony got a 1 bed flat, but spotlights in most rooms (5 sitting room, 6 kitchen, 2 bathroom, so: 18 spotlights = 900w 3 normal dangley lights (2 entrance...
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    10A RCBO for a lighting circuit...?

    I currently have a 6A standard MCB covering the lights in my 1 flat. I'm getting an extractor putinto the bathroom and the electrician says it will take me over this 6A current and that as the wiring is 1.5mm he can fit a 10A RCBO. I spoke to my dad and he's sure that you can only use 6A for...
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    Building regs for low voltage lighting in bathroom

    Thanks Eric. I've addd spurs in my sitting room before and am happy to do this and not notify anyone (and indeed I've read that this is not notifiable in my Collins DIY manual). Is adding extra low voltage lighting to the bathroom more controversial than this? I fail to see why if all the work's...
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    Do batroom fan isolators need to be fused?

    I deiberately chose a fa of the same make/model so it was a trivial swapover. I haven't changed it yet and would rather getan electrician in to do this if it is, but it seems a bit ludicrous. Is this really notfiable?
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    Do batroom fan isolators need to be fused?

    I'm replacing my bathroom fan (timed one) with the same make and model model and the new one shows that a fuse is needed on te permanent live feed. The existing isolator switch is a 3 pole one outside the bathroom and doesn't have a fuse so I've looked for an isolating switch with a fuse and...
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    Replacing old fire alarm detectors

    Yikes... Glad I learnt how to add a socket spur and add recessed lighting to my bathroom and not ask here or else I might have got as many lectures on electrical work ;-) FOund this really useful: In the end, the 2 black wires went...