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    Wall hung toilet - no room for cistern

    In the loft above with a 3m extension on the flush actuator tube. No idea what the flow rate of the water will be after an above the ceiling to toilet drop...
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    Famous brain teaser

    I know that wiki page well, and for me the key sentence in that wiki page (as the Monty Hall problem has always hurt my brain) is: Many readers of vos Savant's column refused to believe switching is beneficial and rejected her explanation. After the problem appeared in Parade, approximately...
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    Half brick sized hole in loft wall - redundant? Foam or brick fill?

    Should be left open as you want to have moving air though loft. Mesh is a good idea, or You could cut one of these in half with a hack saw and slot it in each of the holes to stop birds.
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    Is this asbestos in my loft - Victorian house, London?

    As others have said - that is normal lathe and plaster, with a layer of coal dust on top. And the glass based insulation (itchy). No asbestos there. But make sure you wear a mask - that dust is still an irritant. If you did want to test for asbestos (which you don't need to) here are suppliers...
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    How easy is it to move a toilet in a flat with a concrete slab ?

    Where does the toilet waste go in the other bathroom? I was expecting that toilet to be against the outside wall like the other one. Can you put the waste from the newly placed toilet into the outlet from the other bathrooms toilet?
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    Tubular heater size?

    A tubular heater is 60 to 120W About the same as 2 old light bulbs. Just about work to stop a small shed from freezing, so might be suiatbke for what you need , but only just. In an insulated outside office or shed you need at least 1000W (1kW) heater. Best with a thermostat so not on all the...
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    Dimmer switch light question

    John Not a problem - made me double check. :) On re-looking just now the Screwfix link actually had a spec and shows that the Varilight Pro is suitable for the following: Max. Dimmable Load (Halogen) 200 W Max. Dimmable Load (Incandescent) 200 W Max. Dimmable Load (LED) 120 W So I...
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    Dimmer switch light question

    Also, @JohnD, Why can't he use a two gang Varilight Pro to control a led on one Gang and a halogen on the other Gang? I was going to suggest the following for this very purpose as I thought the Varilight Pro was suitable for both halogen and LED (when connected separately)...
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    Dimmer switch light question

    Sorry, Cannot tell. Normally I pull off white knob, and there is a nut under it onto the dimmers spindle. So in most cases yes, but cannot be specific. (I changed lots of crabtree dimmers to take Varilight pro dimmer modules).
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    Dimmer switch light question

    You don't need a grid switch. From your current 2 gang dimmer you can (often) remove one if the dimmer modules and directly replace it with a Varilight pro module (as suggested by sparkwright). For me one the stand alone modules is show in this search...
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    Working with insulation board

    Note that many find the aluminium tape from Screwfix as being poor (thin). I recommend the foil tape from Toolstation and Wickes
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    What height should a fixed shower head be above the tray?

    If you have it in a glass shower enclosure also consider how the height of the top of the enclosure matches the hight of the shower head. I feel it hsoul not be above teh glass and not too far down the glass. Somewhere arround the same hight I feel looks best (although I know tis is subjective...
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    Lighting Help

    Padstar I would try a better dimmer. My go to for LED dimming is the Varilight V Pro. It should have no issues dimming 11 x 5W.
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    is there some sort of calculator for making most out of a sheet of wood?

    You can use word. In word Make a box whose scaled size matches that of your sheet of wood eg a 224.0cm by 120.0cm sheet would a box of 22.4cm x 12.0cm (at 10 to 1 scale) Then make scalled boxes for all your cut wood sizes (using above example divide by 10) and move them round inside above box...
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    Wall outlet … (hiding cables)

    I've put square ducting in the wall to channel the cables (toped and bottomed with brush plates in dry lining back boxes with a side cut off.