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    Swapping boiler for more powerful model?

    Currently have a Potterton Performa 24i HE in our extended 3 bed semi which was installed new when we refurbed the house a couple of years ago. We've never been happy with the performance - it takes for ever to run a bath and you can't wash up & have a shower at the same time unless you like...
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    Tiling kitchen floor - half boards, half concrete?

    We need to get the floor of our kitchen tiled - at present half of the floor is concrete (where the kitchen has been extended) and the other half is boarded (floorboards, not ply). The two surfaces aren't at the same level (probably a 3-4mm step from concrete to boards at one corner)...
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    Cooker recommendations?

    Need to buy a freestanding 60cm cooker for our new house and have no idea what makes are good/bad. Looking for a dual-fuel (electric oven/gas hob) single or dual oven in a stainless steel finish. At the moment considering a Zanussi (ZCM651X), Stoves (61dfdo) or Smeg (SUK61MFX5). Can...
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    What boiler? Rough price guestimates?

    Thanks for the extra info, very helpful. blahblah - take it you're a heating engineer? If so I'll give you a ring for a quote once we've got the house :)
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    What boiler? Rough price guestimates?

    North (in Grays) :) Blimey, reading this forum it's easy to see why plumbers get paid so much - complex subject. On the topic of showers if I've read it right, it looks like a pumped shower isn't possible off a combi, however if I get a combi with sufficient 'oomph' (technical term :? )...
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    What boiler? Rough price guestimates?

    Thanks for all the advice. I certainly hadn't considered a number of things (how to get a cylinder into the loft, weight on the joists etc). Looks like lots of interesting discussions to be had with our fitter (anyone know a good one near the Dartford Tunnel? :)) We'd like to get a power...
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    What boiler? Rough price guestimates?

    It's a lot of space - the cupboard containing the tank is shower-cubicle sized, which is what we intend to install in its place. We've not got an airing cupboard in our current house and haven't missed it :)
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    What boiler? Rough price guestimates?

    Hi, First post on the forum, hope someone can help. In the process of buying a new house (1930s 3-bed semi) and although it has got central heating, we're planning in advance for a new boiler and to relocate both that and the existing hot water tank (currently in airing cupboard in...