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    Heatwell thermostat aube TH232 question

    Hi all, I have a few of these Heatwell Aube thermostats in a new property, for underfloor heating. None of them seem to be actually controlling the heating in any way. Its just not firing at all. I've had them checked by an electrician and he's confirmed that there is power, which makes sense...
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    Painting interior garage wall advice

    Good advice, I was thinking the same, that I'd need a mist coat first, maybe 20% water in the first coat.
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    Painting interior garage wall advice

    Hi all I've been reading seeing the forums for a while, v trying to get a clear view on which paint to use on an interior garage wall made of standard bricks. There seems to be different views based on priming or not, or whether the paint is ok for that brick type. I've settled on the...
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    How easy is it to install a Nest Thermostat?

    Hi all, I've just moved house, and have found that the new place has a more traditional thermostat than my previous Hive setup. I'm aiming to replace the existing Potterton Mini Minder E and British Gas RS1 for a Google Nest Thermostat. The house has underfloor heating next to the RS1, but I'm...
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    shower leak

    So I added a new into the connection between the shower head and the hose. I think the leak is coming from the centre circle of the connection, in the picture below you can see the inner ring, the sleeve around it moves up and down and is quite loose. This one shows the water coming...
  6. shower hose leaking

    shower hose leaking

  7. axor hose end

    axor hose end

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    shower leak

    Thanks, I'd thought about a new washer, but the water seems to be leaking out of the bottom of the hose connection, the little sleeve joint that connects the two, seems to be loose, I'll try a washer there first.
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    shower leak

    Hi, Simple question hopefully, almost not really DIY. I have an Axor shower, with a leaking shower head. The connection between the shower head and the hose connecting it to the unit is leaking water. So my question is, so I swap out the shower head, or the hose? Thanks Shaun
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    Triton Opal temperature/flow change problem

    So in this instance is it simply a case of cleaning and re connecting the cable, or does the part need replacing?
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    Triton Opal temperature/flow change problem

    Would something make it burn itself out then? Yes, here is a pic.
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    Triton Opal temperature/flow change problem

    Hello, Initially firing up without the head on was good, but it son flicked back to cold again. You may be onto something there. The upper most blue wire on the tco has around an inch of blackened cable at the contact end. Does this mean that the connect is frazzled?
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    Triton Opal temperature/flow change problem

    It was intermittantly switching between faster flow and hot at 6, and slower flow and hot at 8, but it does not seem to be hot at 6 at all now. There is no low pressure light sensor. Yes, now it needs to be on 8 all the time. It did kick in breifly this morning, at went ridiculously hot at...