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    Drayton Digistat 3+ Accuracy issue?

    Some great analysis recorded here by PaulTheOnlyOne. This is an old thread, but it's worth confirming that the latest model of the Drayton Digistat +3RF still has the same problem (Software V4.3). The predictive algorithm in the Drayton Digistat +3RF is riddled with bugs that causes the boiler...
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    Programming Drayton Digistat

    Also see:
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    Programming Drayton Digistat

    Yes, the predictive algorithm in the Digistat +3RF is riddled with bugs that causes the boiler to be 'off' when it should be heating; and 'on' when the room is above the set temperature. This causes mayhem at the boiler, with frequent heating on/heating off commands that prevent proper cycling...
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    Cracks In New Paint On Pebbledash ?

    I have the same issue as originally reported by Jack. (I know it's an old post but some things never change!) The pebbledash on the bungalow is more like chipped flint than pebbles, but it is sound with no cracks. I painted an end wall with Johnstones Weatherguard and now there are cracks...