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    Toilet soil pipe and pan connector

    I am replacing and old toilet in the cloakroom, I have removed and disposed of the old one and bought a new toilet and new pan connector. When installing I have noticed the soil pipe is 100mm and the pan connector is 110mm. Can you buy pan connectors for 100mm pipes or can you get and adapter...
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    Capping off cables

    Yeah meant isolate to do the work, will get one of these instead, thanks guys
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    Capping off cables

    I have removed an old wired alarm unit, I want to put the cables into the void in ceiling, is it safe to isolate the circuit and attach junction boxes to the cables then push up into the void?
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    Radiator not working

    Moved into a property recently and have a problem with one radiator which stays stone cold top and bottom. This radiator is the only one without a trv valve. I have tried bleeding the radiator, also shutting down all other radiators and leaving this one on but that didn't work. Today I removed...