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    piers and platform for new oil tank

    Two flat block walls with concrete lintels spanning them would be best..
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    Conservatory base

    The vertical sides of the slab shouldn't be on show like that. It should of been strip foundations with brickwork showing from ground level up to the top of the slab.. It would probably be strong enough, but a bit of a botch..
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    Foundation for Garage

    You put the foundation blocks on the concrete, so both are needed. Concrete blocks don't need rendering, but if they are seen they need to be laid neatly and jointed..
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    Concrete padstone

    It will take a bit of lifting too, weighing in at around 215kg.... It seems very large. I haven't seen one bigger than 600mm long & 215mm square.
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    soffit/box end with no barge board

    In that situation the last few courses of brick can be corbelled out to cover the end of the fascia board.
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    Neighbours Extension Roof Attached To Ours?

    It looks like every building in your pictures wants bulldozing TBH.. (sorry :-))
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    Bricklaying on your own

    Three boards to work on Ian.. The scaffolders are looking after you. ;-)
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    Replacing Linels Cost - Resonable? - Finally got quotes...

    To answer your last question I would sit the lintel on the next course higher than the frame, and get the window fitters to use an add-on to the top of the frame... say 25mm or so.
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    Bridging cavity solution please

    The easiest way would be to knock of the top course of internal brick, and line the cavity with visqueen, and fill with concrete level to the top of your floorboards. I wouldn't worry about the thermal issue...
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    Gable end

    There is no point insulating any higher than you have done. You protect the top of the insulation with a cavity tray..
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    Corner joist clearance from wall and which hanger to use?

    A gap is left to make it easier to run cables/pipes behind, and so the flooring can sit on it, without the plaster covering the joist, but isn't essential. I'd just skew nail the joist & fit your hanger the best you can.. pack between the wall & joist when fitting the strutting.
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    how to tie timber frame to wall?

    With great difficulty! Can you not bung the neighbour a few quid to allow access?
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    fixing sole plate to blockwork

    Can't see a need for 7n. Yeah you can lay the blocks flat down Surely screws & plugs will be better than shot firing, but yes the blocks will cope..
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    Aerated Concrete Blocks - Can they hold weight?

    Yes they would easily, but probably better using dense conc blocks for outdoors. Mortar them together so they don't topple over..