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    Jaguar 28Kw KTV J

    Many thanks, Pressure drop was put down to a couple of slightly leaky rad valves..the pressure only drops once the heating switches off over a period of say 6hrs. Theres no water damage to anything i can see internally on the boiler, the electronics are dry no signs of burning or such and as...
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    Jaguar 28Kw KTV J

    After the usual everyday loss of pressure came home today, topped system up fired the boiler up and it ran fine for about an hour, then the display has gone dead, i have checked some internal fuses inside the PCB panel and they are fine, power to the its dead im not getting any fault...
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    Jaguar 28kw bundy tubes?

    Hello people read a few similar posts about these boilers.... A while back a friend fixed the split diaphram in the differntial, but sadly damaged the tubes, all went back fine and was 'ok' sadly the last few days my pressure has been dropping everyday to the point where the boiler shuts down...